spicy painter

Guillermo Aymerich


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  1. [TDC] chinese boudoir and hidden forest, 2009, beijing            

    lacquer e780/light reflectors

    collapsible and reversible paintings.

  2. approaching a vigorous western version of the myth of "women in the forest" through the capillary forcefulness matching with the woods and the intimate situations.

    western "all over" concetp vs. chinese "emptiness" for depicting hidden private portraits in a public scenary.

  3. XM: front side

    XM: front side

    106 cm - 41.73 in Ø each

  4. FZ: front side

    FZ: front side

    86 cm - 33.85 in Ø each

  5. DZ: front side

    DZ: front side

    56,5 cm - 22.24 in Ø each

  6. FN: front side

    FN: front side

    30 cm - 11.81 in Ø each

  7. 山水赏石:

    。mountain, water, contemplation, stone
    。mountain and water are the big landscape
    。stone which for contemplation to stimulate nature mountain and water

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